woman sitting cross-legged in field how to find spiritual lesbians

Many women who come to us have some sort of spiritual orientation. Some do meditation, or yoga. Some go to synagogue, church or meditation groups. Some might call themselves “spiritual but not religious.” And most women like that want to date and have relationships with other women who have similar, or at least similarly important spiritual orientations. And these women want tips on how to meet spiritual lesbians.

If you are one of these women, what are some suggestions?

It’s important to have a dating plan, to know what kinds of ways of dating are right for you. But there are basically two ways to meet other spiritually-oriented single lesbians:

Meeting women in your physical life. This might mean women in your religious or spiritual community. Perhaps you should join a new spiritually oriented meetups. It might mean letting your friends who are also spiritually-oriented know that you are looking. When you are in community settings, it is sometimes challenging to know who might be lesbian or queer, who might be single, or who might be looking for the kind of relationship you are. But if they are engaged in the kinds of spiritual activities that are also meaningful to you, that’s a big step in the right direction.

Meeting women online. Meeting women online has a lot of advantages for meeting other spiritually-oriented women. Most online dating sites do allow for basic search based on very broad religious categories, but not much else. Most online dating sites do not allow for keyword searches, which would allow you to search for words like “yoga” or “mysticism”.

2016-11-14_15-55-22One of the key reasons why we designed our site the way we did was to allow women to do searches on the kinds of things that are important to them. On Heart + Mind Women, you can do keyword searches, and our spirituality categories are much more varied than any other site.

We want you to be able to find another woman who will really be compatible with you – and one who has the skills to maintain the relationship you really want.

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