We always knew that something was fishy with most online dating sites. If you’ve ever seen the reality TV show, “Catfished,” you know that there are people who pretend to be other than they really are on dating sites.

What we didn’t realize was how pervasive the problem of fake profiles are on most online dating sites!

First, many dating sites are owned by the same people. If you carefully read the terms of service, you’ll see that you have given them permission to publish your profile on multiple sites. Second, many sites simply have tons of fake profiles. For instance, when we were researching software to use for our site, we found that almost all vendors of dating site software would “throw in” 20,000 or more “starter profiles!” You know those are fake!

When the Ashley Madison password breach happened several years ago, it was discovered that 99% of the profiles on that site were fake. Overall, 1 or more in 10 online profiles on dating sites are fake.

If you’ve ever wondered why women never wrote back to you… it could be that they actually didn’t exist! The sole purpose of the major online dating sites is to make money. That’s all they care about, and if they have to fake some profiles along the way – they will.

You won’t find that problem here.

We’re not in this just for the money. Yes, we need to pay the bills to keep the servers going, the software working, and keep our cat in kibble, but this isn’t just a business investment for us – this is really an investment in the happiness of the women in our community.

Every single woman in this online community is a verified lesbian or queer woman – not one single fake profile. We only own this one site, and if you carefully read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you’ll notice that nowhere do we say that we can use your profile for anything. Your profile is private, and will never be used by us for any other purpose than helping you find the relationship you want, here.

Online dating can be a frustrating experience – and we’re working to take as much of the frustration out of it for you as we can.


  1. Profile photo of calmness54

    November 28, 2016 at 2:15 pm

    Thumbs up to you both! But I always known this to be true since first encountering you both online and in person.
    Namaste! ????????

  2. Profile photo of

    January 15, 2017 at 1:09 pm

    Yes, my last girlfriend, who struggles mightily with trust issues, got extremely upset when she saw my profile on match, when I’d deleted it months earlier. It even said I’d been active within a few days, and I hadn’t touched it since I’d deleted it! It was infuriating to me that the same site that led me to her in the first place ended up creating a real upset in our relationship.

    • Profile photo of

      January 17, 2017 at 11:11 am

      Dear D,

      That happened to me, too. She took a screen shot of my photograph and did a search, and I showed up on two other dating websites which I thought I had removed my profile. Had to explain to her and I find her profile TWICE on the dating site I had met her on, which at first she didn’t believe me! Now we are great friends.

      Another woman I became friends with had FOUR profiles on a particular dating website, which, again, she did not believe me at first.

      The above two women were on a Lesbian dating website, which was owned by a corporation that owned 21 dating websites of all sorts!

      Go figure . . .



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