So first, what is a “dating strategy?” Basically, a dating strategy is a plan for how you are going to meet women, and how you are going to go about the dating process. Having a dating strategy might sound like overkill, but in fact, it’s really important. First, it’s important so that you maximize your chance of finding someone who will be a good fit for you. Second, it’s important to know yourself – understand what works best for you.  It’s also important to have a dating strategy that is in alignment with your relationship vision.

So the first part of the dating strategy is how you are going to meet women. There are basically three ways to meet women: have friends introduce you, online, and in the course of your life activities.  How you choose which avenue or avenues to go is up to you, and what your life is like. Some women have a lot of friends that know lots of single lesbian and queer women. Others have mostly straight friends who don’t know many. Some women are homebodies and introverts, and don’t go out much, others are out at meetups and events every other day.

It’s really about figuring out the strategy that’s right for your life and “smart for your heart.”

Next up, is will you date multiple women, or just one at a time? What kinds of things do you want to make sure you learn before important choice points like choosing to date exclusively, holding hands, making out, having sex, etc. This is all part of your dating strategy.

Having a dating strategy can make all the difference in whether or not you find Ms. Right.

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