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Heart + Mind Women is designed to be a community for single women who are interested in, or committed to conscious relationships, to meet friends and potential lovers, partners, and/or spouses. This site provides rich, detailed profile questions related to who they are and what their relationship vision is. This site also provides a search capability, allowing women to search for other women with specific interests or characteristics.

This site has messaging capabilities, so that women can message each other to get to know each other better. It also has interest groups, so that women who are interested in the same topics can come together in conversation.

We have several guidelines for using this site, and it is important that each member of this community abide by these standards. These are very much in line with the skills that Conscious Girlfriend, the founders of this site, teach in their classes and coaching.

  1. It is important that whatever you write on this site be compassionate and honest.
  2. If a profile seems problematic in some way (the photographs are obscene, the text is problematic in some way, you know that it is fabricated, etc.) use the “Report Profile” button – give details about which profile you are reporting, and why you are reporting it.
  3. If you read something that disturbs or triggers you, don’t make assumptions about the writer’s intent, and be curious about what it brings up in you. If you choose to respond, be compassionate and self-responsible in your response.
  4. When you get a private message from a woman, give them the courtesy of a reply, even if you know they are not a good match for you.
  5. Don’t base your decision on the match simply on the photographs – if the content of their profile looks intriguing in some way, it’s worth getting to know them.

Help keep this community the safe, compassionate, conscious space it is designed to be!

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